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The headquarters

CM operates over three production sites where it engineers and manufactures with integrated technological solutions automatic systems and lines for various industrial fields, including: automotive, household appliances, aerospace and energy. All machines and equipment are built in-house as their assembly and testing. A technical team of highly skilled professionals, with long-standing experience for each specified field, is available to assist the customer from design up to production start-up, for the simplest stand-alone.



Opening of a new assembly plant in Moncalieri (Turin)


Launch of a new business unit dedicated to the development of automatic lines for the production of motors with ‘hairpin’ technology


Installation of the first fully automatic line for the production of motors for electric vehicles


Launch of a new business unit dedicated to tire finishing operations


Acquisition of CLFSRL, company specialized in the production of machines for the winding of electric motors


Establishment and start-up of BMG GROUP SRL


Opening of the new headquarters in Moncalieri (Turin)


Establishment and start-up of CM SRL


In almost 30 years of activity, CM Srl has constantly adapted its mission to the needs of the market, with the aim of being constantly at the forefront without, however, altering its core business: the design and manufacture of machines, plants and automated lines for the production of electric motors.


We operate three production plants, dedicated to the design, manufacture and testing of electric motor production lines.
We have an internal area totally dedicated to the production of equipment and wear parts. We have dedicated areas to allow us to work with the customer with the necessary confidentiality.

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Our production protocols comply with the strictest international standards for quality control, process and workplace safety. The only absolutely essential target is the customer satisfaction, focus of all our activities.
The only absolutely essential target is the customer satisfaction, focus of all our activities. The after-sales service assists the customer during the machines/systems start-up stage by offering intensive online training courses, remote diagnostics, scheduled maintenance and all those necessary services to guarantee the proper functioning of the machines during the production cycle.

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To mantain, consolidate and strengthen the position of leadership in each activity sector, continuous efforts are needed to support the innovations achieved and enhance the development of new technologies very much in step with the evolution of the market. It is therefore through the creation of a business unit dedicated to R&D that CM aims to improve its competitiveness on domestic and international markets.

One of the main development drivers of CM is surely the use of communication protocols with high capacity / data transmission speed which have allowed to further increase the integrated diagnostics and remote assistance services, in line with the concepts of Industry 4.0, so to provide the customers throughout the world an accurate monitoring of the operating processes.


Industry 4.0 passes through the concept of smart factory, which consists of three main parts:

Smart production: new production technologies that interact with all the elements present in production, i.e. collaboration between operator, machines and tooling.
Smart service: all the “IT infrastructures” and techniques that allow systems to be integrated, as well as the structures that allow companies (supplier – customer) to approach and cooperate with an active integration.
Smart energy: a careful eye on energy consumption, creating high performing systems and reducing energy waste according to the rules of the environmental sustainability.

The cornerstone of Industry 4.0 are the cyber-physical systems (CPS), i.e. physical systems that are closely connected to IT systems and can interact with other CPS systems.

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