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Inserting Winding for Stators

CM offers a targeted solution to each phase of the process to produce the stator:

  • Stator pack forming
  • Slot Insulation
  • Coil winding/inserting
  • Insertion of phase insulation material
  • End-turns intermediate forming
  • Terminal leads connection (thermal crimping)
  • Lacing
  • End-turns final forming
  • Electrical test
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Hairpin Technology for Stators

We have a dedicated workstation for each step of the stator production process:

  • Linear Segment Preparation
  • Final Shaping (2D-3D)
  • Dimensional Check
  • Stator Slots insulation
  • Hairpin Insertion, Widening &Twisting
  • Hairpin-Ends Cutting
  • Hairpin-Ends & Busbar Laser Welding
  • Electrical Test
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Needle Winding

CM supplies automatic machine for winding.

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Tire Finishing Technologies

CM offers a targeted solution to each phase of the process of tire finishing:

  • Marker Coding Units: Thermal-Transfer/LTA, Hot Foil, Tampo-
    Graphic, Inkjet, Laser
  • Circumferential paint stripes
  • Electrical Conductivity Measurement
  • Conicity Measurement
  • Fitting and Inflating Units
  • Automated Storage and Retrieval System


CM offers a targeted solutions for the production of components and assembled groups for aerospace modules

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